I Loves Me Some Bad Music, I do.

Anybody that knows me, knows booze and iTunes are my two biggest vices that should NEVER be combined, but they are more than they aren’t.  Too many times I’ve been in a situation where I get dropped off from the bar, run into the room, and download all of the worst shit that I’ve listened to all night.  The next morning, rather than looking over at the less than attractive mate in my bed, I look over at the embarrassing purchases in my iTunes library.  You know how they have those breathalyzers that you hook up to your car…and it won’t start your vehicle until you blow under a .06 or something?  I need one of those for my computer, that prevents me from making purchases on iTunes if I’m over the legal limit…because I woke up to this little gem the other morning…

The Shittiest(best) Album of All TimeAs you can see, the play count isn’t zero.  That’s right, I’ve been listening to this album and listening to it HARD.  I want my money’s worth out of this skeleton-in-the-closet.  I’m going to ice the cake with an album review.  I’m going to go on interweb record saying that the pinnacle songs of this album are “Party At A Rich Dude’s House”…in which Kesha describes how she gets drunk and throws up in someone’s closet, wakes up on the front yard still intoxicated, missing her jacket. Also the song “Stephen”, which Erica figured out was a rip on Taylor Swift. In this one, Kesha rambles about being in love with some asshole, but shows her undying affection by offering to knit him a sweater.  I’m not kidding.

She also misspells the word “Dinosaur” in the song “Dinosaur”.  Not in the title, but in the chorus she spells it out as “D-I, N-O, S-A…you are a dinosaur”.

8 out of 5 stars.

**Edit – I discovered that when she actually says D-I, N-O, S-A..when she says “You Are”…it’s supposed to be U-R, which completes the spelling for Dinosaur with some funky teenager txt speek…thus making Kesha much more clever than both Erica and I.  Not kidding we were pissed the whole way back from Ithaca like “She doesn’t even spell Dinosaur correctly!”.  Bravo Kesha. You may be a formidable foe after all.

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