It’s that magical time of year where everybody wears green, again.  This year we celebrated the rats leaving Ireland by having brunch and brews at Senior Colin’s house.

Korrine, Tricia and rum cake. This is the part of the morning where everybody forgot food and started passing out the fake tattoos.

My next project is and this will be the main page.

After this, it was a toss up between staying home and eating the remaining 3lbs of bacon, or going outside to the parade.

I was bummed because I was going for bacon, but these dudes are stoked to be out at the parade.

Erika with a K, getting weird.

This is a pretty normal block of the street that was mainly family groups and little kids collecting empty beer cans. Further down the street it was a shit show of dudes chugging Natty Ice out of green trumpets and chicks wearing binding yet revealing clothing.

Sarah violating the fine city of Syracuse’s open container policy.

Erica with a K brought some flip video thing and spent most of the day harassing and interviewing complete strangers in the port-o-potty line.

Facial tattoos usually mean you tic’ed that box that says “I don’t give much of a shit anymore”.

Street interviews with Mr. Colin Brady.

…turned back onto Erica with a K.

How could a clown get any weirder?? …give it a hand puppet.  I heard the only way to trump this sketchy clown is to have a real clown turn into a zombie.

…speaking of the walking dead, Old Man Winter was scooting around the block mumbling to himself. This dude is easily 230 years old.  The beard might be 240.

Erica with a K, continuing the weird.  Just in case you see this though, that’s not a bad thing dude. You had us all laughing or uncomfortable for the entire day.

I’m working on getting a float for next year where I can trump this stupid Ska band, and just cover Erasure songs all parade long.

The next morning my neck tattoo wouldn’t wash off. I’m pretty psyched that I’ll be going to work for the next few days with a green top hat sprawled out on my neck.

…Sarah was still hungover 14 hours later.

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