Rest of my vacation post

Continuing on with my vacation post…somewhere around Pennsylvania there was a car that rolled off the road or something. Nobody really seemed to give a shit.

So I just kept driving and ignored it. There really isn’t much to post about. I normally have somewhat interesting shit to write, but honestly it’s been so long since I was supposed to put this up on the site, that I forgot anything cool to actually post. So all you get are pictures of the beach, me driving, and me eating food.

At this point…it’s like 8 hours into the trip. Maryland sucks. West Virginia sucks.

This dude does not look stoked to be driving.

Awesome advertising.

I had something funny to say about this, but I forgot it. Whatever. Phillip Morris has a campus that’s fucking gigantic. Cigarette business is a booming cousin!

I’m in Virginia now by the way.

I’m pretty sure this is where they filmed a crucial scene in Flight of the Navigator.

Oh that’s why I came down to NC – to visit my brother and my nieces. This is my niece Campbell. Her favorite things to do are beat me in Candyland, beat me in Candyland even more, and jumping on me from the top of the couch.

We’re wearing matching shirts because we’re awesome. We also played Hide ‘n Seek with her sister Greyson for about 3 hours.

Campbell continuing to kick the living crap out of me. I’m not sure, but I think Campbell could be the reason that I had back problems for 2 weeks after this vacation.

Me and Greyson were the best hide n’ seekers ever. One time we thought we seriously lost Greyson. She wedged herself between an open door and the wall. I forgot kids are like little magicians that can just disappear.

After the family time, we headed down to Wilmington where I took almost no pictures.

I called this croc a pansy right to pansy his face.

Hanging out at the aquarium in Wrightsville was pretty boring. I was trying to cheat and get forest shots to lie and say I was just randomly in the wood, but it doesn’t work when you can see the steel ceiling above. Busted.

Animal discrimination. The white croc gets his own place to chill all by himself.

…and for some reason the staff trusted these little guys outside of their pen. They were just running (kinda) around coming/going as they pleased. I tried to steal one but the 15 year old aquarium employee was just waiting to kick me out.

Hey, look. Nature.

A fish that semi-resembles a girl I knew in 6th grade. We’ll call it a Caitlynfish.

“Chubs…you took his hand..!”

The only thing interesting about this place besides the rad animals that eat meat, was the fact that it’s by the ocean and will be about 20 feet underwater if there’s ever another bad hurricane. Which brings me to the question – Why would you ever build this in a spot known for being flooded by hurricanes?

Fuck yeah! I’m finally going to the beach!

I spent every day after this on the beach just sleeping and walking around trying to figure out how I can make this into a career – beach walking and sleeping, that is. I came up with any idea to buy an island and run my own LOST type vacations on it. People will pay men and I’ll drop them out of the sky onto an island with 20 other vacationers. They would have to survive for 2 weeks with air-drop rations, run in’s with the island’s “others” and a bunch of other rad stuff. Pretty sure I just want to do it so I can go there and pretend I’m stranded on an island.

Getting my John Locke on.

Sorry for the blurry pic, but this is the USS North Carolina. I think I’ve mentioned it pretty heavily on my last trip, but if you get the chance to tour it – do it. This thing is awesome.

…and this is about where I stopped taking any pictures of any kind. The rest of the week was going to the beach at 9am until about 2, grabbing lunch at Tower 7 in Wrightsville, hitting a historical spot for a tour, going to dinner and then out to the bars.

Bummed on my Buffalo wrap. Southerners have a ton of food on fucking lock-down, but this is unfortunately one of the ones that needs to stay up in NY.

It was 104 most days in Carolina. It cooled down to a brisk 100 on the day that we drove back.

There sure is a lot of shit on fire during this trip.

…and of course, I had to conclude the trip with the finest of fine cuisines that America has to offer…Bojangles.

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